Professional photography plays a large roll in terms of image curation for social media, branding and online marketing. One of the main facets of a successful instagram brand, is a methodical curation of images. You have to be selective and choose images and themes that align with the persona you want people to associate with you or your brand.

Why De La Vie? Because I understand it. I work with clients to develop the theme and pantone colours they feel best describes their profile/brand. We carefully discuss a quarterly plan for your social media to target all the major seasons, holidays and images you desire. A large following has the power to turn into immediate residual income, collabs + more!


a lifestyle brand is anything that embodies the interests, attitudes + opinions of a group or following.  a positive Lifestyle brand seeks to inspire, guide, and motivate people, with the goal of their posts being relatable, marketable + encouraging. @a_lovely_little_life